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Thank you and farewell, Simone O’Brien

After three adventurous years filled with poetry, movement, extravagant costumes and props, Simone O’Brien has finished up in her role as Creative Director of Spaghetti Circus. Simone extended Spaghetti’s reach into social circus as she developed wonderful collaborations with Coraki Public School, ‘If These Halls Could Talk’ in Broadwater, performances at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Woodford Folk Festival and many other places in between.

Simone’s vision for large scale productions lead to the staging of ‘The Borogroves’ in 2015 followed by ‘The More Raths’ in 2016. Working with performers of all ages and abilities, Simone created ‘other worlds’ of wonder and awe,  enhanced with incredible staging and props created by Joey Ruigrok Van der Werven.

Thank you Simone for your work with Spaghetti Circus, for your coaching and your creating. It’s been a wild ride!