Performance Troupe

Youth Performance Troupe
The show Teenager created for our 2010


European Tour!


Was an absolute success


The ‘Teenager’ Show explores the emotional & physical roller coaster ride of adolesence

and features breathtaking tumbling, gorgeous aerials

& of course our signature act the teeterboard!

The show is suitable for people over the age of 10.



‘Teenager’ European Tour


London to North Germany, the island of Sylt and back again to Newcastle, England.

17 of us in total.

We hired two 7 seater cars and a small van to transport us and our equipment.

What a journey

We started our tour in Surrey south England at a Family Arts Festival.

We arrived in surrey staying at the local youth hostel, which was in the heart of Englands

beautiful forests(an amazing spot), here we bought material and made the props we couldn’t

logistically bring.

The festival went well and the local’s were blown away, amazed by the skills of our

performamnce troupe, especially loving teeterboard.

The next leg off to dover to catch the ferry to France and a brisk drive through to Hamburg

spending the night at yet another hostel with barely enough time to take in some of the local


Up early and driving to Denmark where we embarked on the train ferry, an actual train that

that you drive on and sit in your car for the journey, which amazingly travels out into the

ocean and to the island of Sylt.

The place we stayed was magical, we were staying in old trailers and caravans, big top on

site, restaurant and rides. the performers and crew ate together each day breakfast, lunch

and dinner. This was the real circus life, ran by the crew that run the Hamburg circus school.

Time off was spent busking in town, which is legal as long as you don’t give out flyers, and

visiting the beach!

The Hamburg crew loved the show and invited us back any time we could return! Great

people that made our stay very welcome, sad to leave but excited about our journey we had

two days to drive to London and the main reason we had come to Europe.

London, hot stinky London.

The international youth circus festival hosted by Albert and friends instant circus, Albert and

Trea had come to Oz the previous year to scope around Australian youth circus and look at

groups suitable to invite to London for the International youth Circus Festival. They Picked

us yay and what an honour. Albert himself is an Aussie living in England for many a year

,a talented musician and circus clown, he had established the instant circus which is one of

the UK’s oldest youth circus, a great fun crew!

We arrived in Dover tired from the big drive from north Germany, having just caught the last

ferry from France, then made the final leg of the mission upto London!

We finally found the Youth hostel which was rightin central London with a huge park at our

doorstep very pretty and also convenient. The only downside was that we were seperated

from each other by Hostel rules restricting boys and girls from being in the same area and

crammed into two rooms all 17 of us, 3 and 4 storey bunk beds WT! This is London land is

outrageously expensive as is accomodation!

The program was tight rehearsals, shows, workshops and as many events as possible for

the youth Circus’s to get together and interact. The workshops were held at a different place

than the shows, but this meant we got to travel around London on the Tube’s, and get to

see lots of London action!

The other main youth circus group from outside of the UK was the Finnish circus, there skill’s

and shows were of a high level! All our kids got on well with this group and two of the troupe

Pete Freeman and Tim Fyffe ended up working and training with them back in Helsinki.

Highlights from London were performing outside the National theatre for ‘Watch this space’

Festival and shows at the riverside studio’s in Hammersmith, which back’s on to the river

Thames the sunsets were stunning as is the scale of things in London.

The groupa got to make lots of friends and share skills, alot of whom still stay in contact!


up North to Newcastle to the newly established 5 Rings circus run by Steve and Helen.

They had a plan, that we help inspire the new begginings of their circus ventures.

our accomodation was awesome two houses next to each other, which meant we could

unwind and relax and do our own cooking, watch telly together, play games etc

what a releif after the bustle of London and the people of Newcastle were lovely.

One of the first things we did was, well we were invited to the lord mayors house for an

Aussie barbie, unbeleivable how cool, the food was amazing and we got to perform and

enteratin on a real english lawn, which as a matter of interest is like walking on soft

cushion of down and is inches thick!

Newcaslte was great Steve and Helen really looked after us talking us out to castles(harry

potter quidditch was actually filmed there) and the beach.

We performed in schools where we were treated like super stars, screaming girls made it

beatle-esque, including a refugee school, they were awesome!

We also performed in a Beautiful old style theatre with a raked stage, out in parks and met

a mob from Middleborough( that looks like something out of blade runner) who do extreme

unicycle, riding down craggie cliff faces and jumping streams etc another crew of friends

was made, one which I think we will see again!!

Newcastle over we parted company the older crew that were staying and the younger crew

that were heading back to Oz, so we set off for London to embark on our next leg…

more to come…..






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