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Our Vision

Spaghetti Circus Vision & Mission

What do we want to achieve?

We want to be one of the best regional youth circuses in the world: accessible, innovative, owned and loved by our community; empowering creative, confident, healthy kids.

Why do we exist?

We exist to use circus to inspire, develop and sustain a community of STRONGFIDENT* people.
*Strongfident (adj.) creative, empowered, confident, healthy & resilient

Spaghetti Circus Inc. is a circus school and performing arts company, which promotes excellence in circus arts and physical theatre. We seek to develop the artistic, theatrical and physical skills of youth around the NSW region of the Northern Rivers. We provide an inspirational training space for professional artists to explore and develop their work while sharing their unique skills with Spaghetti participants, their industry peers and the community at large.

· Dare to dream · Learn to fly · Make your mark

In a risk averse world, circus offers us the possibility to dream, play, imagine, aspire and connect.

While the demands of circus are mighty, through risk taking, physical effort and teamwork, its rewards are many. We learn to fly, to fall and to fail, safely. We discover our inner resources to master a skill and to hone a performance. We find a community that encourages and supports us to become more than we thought possible.

Circus is a place where a disenfranchised youth can learn to soar; where a timid child can become strong and confident; where a performance can transport an audience into a land of wonder and possibility; where a community can discover themselves in a new and positive way.

Spaghetti Circus Inc. is a non profit community based organisation whose purpose and objectives include the following:

• To coach children, youth, and adults in the performing arts, particularly physical theatre and circus skills;

• To promote performing arts and physical theatre in the Byron Shire and beyond through classes and regular performances;

• To introduce new skills to the circus by inviting guest performers, coaches, and directors to work with participants, as well as encouraging members to take part in training and performance opportunities provided by other organisations and individuals;

• To contribute to community entertainment through the participation of the Circus in local, regional and national festivals, as well as cultural, social, school and arts events;

• To encourage community participation by training volunteers in relevant tasks so they can assist in Circus activities;

• To ensure that everyone can participate in the organisations activities regardless of age, sex, race, religion, socio economic background, or developmental and physical disabilities. To promote a safe social environment for youth to participate in performing arts, where co-operation between all performers, coaches, staff and management is encouraged;

• To teach and encourage members to take part in all tasks and develop an understanding of the creative processes and production elements associated with physical theatre and Circus. These tasks include conceptual storyboard designs, costume and makeup design, sound and lighting, artwork and props, choreography, stage management, coaching and first aid;

• To establish an advanced group with the commitment and skills to perform both nationally and internationally;

• To generate sufficient income through creative fundraising, sponsorships grants, performances fees and weekly classes to achieve the above objectives.