Mullum Circus Festival

2020 Training: September 28 –  October 1, Festival : October 2 – 4

Presented by Spaghetti Circus, the Mullum Circus Festival happens every 2 years at the beautiful Mullumbimby Showgrounds under Mt Chincogan in the Byron Shire.


MCF 2020 Dates Announced!

We are pleased to announce the date of the next Mullum Circus Festival and Training Project as September/October 2020!
We had originally planned for 2019, but after a great deal of consideration we have decided to hold off for one extra year and focus on 2020. Spaghetti Circus has undertaken a great deal of analysis over these last few months; we’ve been looking at ways of making this little circus school that could, even better for its young artists and their families, the staff, alumni and wider community.
After gaining visibility on the national and world stage with projects like our premiere performance at the Commonwealth Games in April, Spaghetti Circus has been approached to undertake some exciting new creative projects in the coming year.
In addition, an opportunity has arisen for us to make some much needed structural improvements to our well loved and functional, but somewhat rustic shed. If successful it will mean that within a year or so, our Spaghetti Shed will be warmer in winter, cooler in summer, have more equipment to better support the growing number of talented artists emerging from its interiors, have improved storage options to put everything in its rightful place and more ways to keep our safety practices up to date and in top notch.
With these things in mind and after a great deal of consideration of what is truly best for Spaghetti and the community, we have decided to hold off for one year and present the Mullum Circus Festival in September 2020. With an extra year of planning, we feel that we will be better able to produce this well-loved, vital event in a more sustainable and vibrant way. We’d love to see you there!

Training Program: Monday 28th September – Thursday 1st October 2020
Festival Weekend: Friday 2nd October – Sunday 4th October 2020