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Spaghetti Circus 2022 flood appeal

We have received many requests from people wanting to donate to Spaghetti Circus to help with the devastating floods that have swept our region. As we type, large parts of the area are still underwater, so many people and spaghetti families have lost everything; there are many places to donate your support. With this in mind, we humbly repurpose and open our 2022 annual giving campaign early to help with the impact of the floods for those outside our area wanting to help. 

Spaghetti Circus, Mullumbimby and the whole area have been experiencing extreme weather and flooding; on Monday, 28 February, the Mullumbimby Showgrounds, Spaghetti Circus’s home, sheds, containers, vehicles, were underwater with 1/2m – 1mtr of water, mud and muck. 

Funds will help in the following ways; 

The cleanup; there is so much MUD, equipment and repairs to get us open as soon as possible doing what we do best – creating health confident, creative kids. 

To provide scholarships/discount classes to families who have lost everything to continue to come to Spaghetti Circus once we reopen. 

Funds will also provide free and discounted tickets to families affected by the floods for the National Circus Festival in Mullumbimby. We also want to help our community with mental health recovery in the long term, and bringing back joy and connection is something we do well. 

We are in the early recovery days, so we would love people to help volunteer with the cleanup. Mud covers our homemade costumes, mats, equipment photos, posters and archives in our 30th Birthday year; we would love to save as much as possible. Water submerged the Spaghetti bus, so it is unlikely she will live to tell the tale. 

We are a registered charity and not for profit community-owned organisation; all donations are tax-deductible. 

We will keep you posted on our progress, and thank you for your support. 

2020 Spaghetti Circus has a Food Truck Fund

Spaghetti Circus’ 2021 fundraising campaign has a very specific purpose – to raise funds for a food truck to support and feed our community. Spaghetti Circus creates community inspiring social and physical strength and confidence through creativity. To do this, our kids need to be well-fed and we have decided to fundraise for this goal. 
Our fundraising campaign has an ambitious goal of raising $10,000 to purchase a small food truck that will make a drastic improvement in the delivery of our after-school programs. Healthy, fresh and local produce will be available for purchase, which will in turn help raise funds for our scholarship program. 

All donations to the Spaghetti Food Truck Fund, no matter how big or small, will help the kids. 

We appreciate that not everyone is in a position to contribute, however, any donation will make a difference. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible and come with an official receipt – plus a whole lot of Spaghetti love!

2019 Annual Giving Campaign thank yous

Spaghetti Circus’ 2019 Annual Giving Campaign was a huge success thanks to the generous donations of some very amazing people and businesses listed below. We can’t thank you enough! At June 30, together we raised $12,780 which was well over and above our $10,000 target. That’s going to go a very long way towards the new Spaghetti-mobile that will support our outreach work across the region, led tirelessly by Spaghetti Founder, legend and OAM Leonie Mills. Watch this space for more exciting news!

Spaghetti Circus says a giant thank you to the 2019 Annual Giving Campaign donors:

Let’s celebrate the awesomeness of everything Spaghetti does (and is yet to do).

Spaghetti Circus – 27 years old and still al dente.

Are donations tax deductible?


How much can I donate?

As long as it’s over $2, literally as much as you like!

Will it actually make a difference?


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