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We are a registered COVIDSafe Club

Spaghetti Cirus takes the safety of its students and staff, parens and community very seriously. We have implemented an informed and comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan to ensure the safe operation of our school.

Help support with our plan by adhering to the following protocols:

Wear a mask. This is a mandatory requirement for entry into the Spaghetti shed.

Sign in using the QR code as you come in through the front door.

Stay home if unwell or with any symptoms of respiratory illness or fever. 

Keep coughs and sneezes to yourself and encourage the kids too.

Keep hands clean. Wash or sanitise hands on arrival, when moving between different equipment and before you leave. Clean hands with shop and water preferably, sanitise clean hands. 

Maintain physical distancing, keep at least 1.5m apart from each other.

Our COVID-safe coordinator is Obi McDonald-Saint. If you have any COVID-19 questions or concerns, please direct them to him or email at

Tips for the return to training:

Be realistic about fitness levels. Muscle memory will be higher that skill ability to begin. 

Manage expectations and enthusiasm on what can be done straight away.

Build up training and fitness logically and methodically.

General tips: 

Personal responsibility to maintain hygiene is the most important point. 

Keep hands clean. New hand washing stations will be around the sheds. 

Arrive, train, leave. Avoid hanging around. Eat outside where possible. 

BYO water bottle