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Annual Show-ings 2020

The ‘Annual Show – 2020 Remix’ will be held in week seven and eight of this term: Monday 23 to Wednesday 2 December. We will be staging the performance for each group in their normal class time with the theme: If I Ran the Circus.

Each performer can invite up to two audience members plus any children under five. 

Please note the time for your child’s in-class showing. All audience members will need to sign in, so don’t be late! Please wait in the foyer until invited into the training space. 

Monday, 23 November

ClassCoachesPerformance Time
All Ability All StarsSimone & Sue11:30am
5-6s Mel & Alita4:15pm
7-11 beg boysPaul & Phoenix4:30pm

Tuesday, 23 November

ClassCoachesPerformance Time
Tues MacaronisPaul & Britt11:00am
LinguinisPaul & Britt12:00pm
TortellinisBritt & Moira4:30pm

Wednesday, 25 November

ClassCoachesPerformance Time
5-6s Mel, Mika, Indi4:30pm
12+Nelle & Riley5:30pm

Thursday, 26 November

ClassCoachesPerformance Time
Thur MacaronisMel & Simone11:00am
Little MightiesLilyana & Sumari4:30pm
Mighty Two GirlsLeonie & Lilyana5:45pm

Friday, 27 November

ClassCoachesPerformance Time
Beg 7-11 boysHarper & Alita4:30pm
BounceHarper & Alita5:30pm

Saturday, 28 November

ClassCoachesPerformance Time
Beginner aerialsRosa10:15am
Sat MacaronisNikki10:45am

Monday, 30 November

ClassCoachesPerformance Time
6-7sNelle & Brahminy4:30pm
8-11 girlsMel & Brahminy5:45pm
8-11 int boysPaul & Phoenix6:00pm

Wednesday, 2 December

ClassCoachesPerformance Time
6-7sEllen, Riley & Sumari4:30pm
Mighty Mini GirlsScottie, Mika & Hettie5:15pm
Mighty One GirlsRosa, Ellen & Alita 5:30pm
8-11 girlsMel, Indi, Sumari5:45pm

Thursday, 10 December

ClassCoachesPerformance Time
End of year cabaret:
– Tumbian
– Performance Troupe
– Adults 
Petrina, Alex, Scottie, Ric, Moira6:30pm