Open Training & Privates



Cost: 1hr private: $77  for up to 3 people per session.

Private lessons are available with most of our senior coaches. If coming for more than three weeks, students must purchase the Spaghetti membership for insurance and a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Please contact the Spaghetti Circus office to arrange a booking.

Ph: 02 6684 3038



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– Industry professionals (with their own public liability)

– Performance Troupe over 18 years old

– Adults attending classes who have paid their Spaghetti Insurance

Cost: $10 per session

Times:                 Tuesday 12 – 3pm                   Thursday 12 – 3pm                    Saturday 9 – 11am

If you need extra time you can call the office and arrange a booking time within our opening hours, Mon – Thurs 9am – 7pm and Sat 8.30am – 11am