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Holiday Workshops


ROLL UP! ROLL UP! Come and join the circus! Learn tricks such as trapeze, mini tramp, acrobatics, tumbling, hula hoops, juggling, lyra, tissue, german wheel and much, much more.


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April Holiday Workshops for 7-14 year olds

Tuesday 17, Wednesday 18, Thursday 19 April

Time: 10am – 3pm

Choose one, two or three days!


April Holiday Workshops for 4-6 year olds

Tuesday 17, Wednesday 18, Thursday 19 April

Time: 9.30 – 12.30pm

Choose one, two or three days!




Holiday workshop 7-14yrs prices:  1 day $60  |  2 days $120 | 3 days $180 (3 day discount – $150 if you PAY & book in advance)

Junior 4-6yrs workshop prices:  1 day $40 | 2 days $80 | 3 days $120 (3 day discount – $100 if you PAY and book in advance)


When booking online to get the 3 day discount you must enter the discount code “3day”


Booking coming soon!

Sample lesson plans for the full day workshops (7-14yrs)


10-11.15am: Introduction, warm-up games, stretch and 1st rotation

11.15-11.30am: MORNING TEA

11.3012.45pm: Game, 2nd and 3rd rotations

12.45-1.15pm: LUNCH

1.15-2pm: Game and 4th rotation


2.15-3pm: Game, 5th rotation and cool down



* Rotations: the group is broken up into smaller groups and specialise in a skill for around 30mins. The rotations will be chosen from mini tramp, big tramp, tumbling, manipulation (stilts, juggling, hoops, spinning plates, walking globe etc..), balloon twisting and aerials (trapeze, silks, lyra, cloud swing and rope).


Sample lesson plans for the half day workshops (4-6yrs)


9.30-10.30am: Welcome, game, warm-up, 1st rotation

10.30-10.40am: BREAK

10.4011.30am: 2nd and 3rd Rotation

11.30am-11.40am: BREAK

11.40-12.25pm: 4th and 5th Rotation

12.25pm: Song, Stamp and Good Bye


*Rotations will be chosen from: Tumbling, Acro-balance, Hula hoops, Ribbons, Juggling, Trapeze, Silks or Lyra



What to bring? 

– A water bottle

– Morning/afternoon tea and lunch

– Loose fitting clothing that you can move in

– A great sense of excitement for a day of FUN!


When to arrive? 

Only 10 minutes early please – paid care can be arranged if needed earlier but staff are setting up for the day so please be respectful of this.


Can I bolt on the extra 2 days after I know my kids love it (and receive the discount)? 

No sorry – we need to book coaches and the sessions sell out quickly so the discount is designed to reward those that make it simpler for us and book three consecutive sessions at one time.


What if my kids are sick on the day? 

Like all shows, theatre/movies tickets we can offer a refund (minus 5% processing fee) up to 48hrs in advance of the workshop. If your child is sick on the day you are able to sell the ticket to a friend’s child and they can come in your place. We are not able to offer a refund if you tell us with less than 48hrs notice. If the session is SOLD out then we many be able to sell to someone on the waiting list but this is not usually possible with late notice.