Annual Show

Spaghetti Circus Presents:

Knick Knacks & Curios

Classes are preparing for the Annual Show, our biggest performing and fundraising event in this year’s calendar.

Early bird prices are valid until Friday 21 June. These shows usually sell out, so don’t delay. Check the daily show timetable to book the right show for your group.

The performance order is yet to be determined.

Tickets are now on sale

Friday 28 June, 6.30pm Saturday 29 June, 11.00am Saturday 29 June, 3.00pm Sunday 30 June, 11.00am
All Ability All Stars Monday Macaronis Performance Troupe Linguines
Wednesday 6-7 Saturday Macaronis Thursday Macaronis Wednesday 12+
Wednesday 8-11 Girls Toto Solo Monday 12+ Monday 8-11 Girls
Bounce Intermediate Saturday Inter Aerials  Monday 7-10 Boys Monday 8-11 Boys Int and Mighty Boys
Mighty Minis Monday 5-6 Monday 6-7s Mighty Minis
Mighty Ones Saturday 6-9 Mini Bounce Mighty Ones
Mighty Twos Mighty Ones Wednesday 5-6 Mighty Twos
Super Mighty Girls Mighty Twos Mighty Minis Super Mighty Girls
Super Mighty Boys Super Mighty Girls Super Mighty Girls SMG Aerials
Thursday Adults Super Mighty Boys SMG Aerials Super Mighty Boys

Some groups will not be performing: No show for Beginners’ Aerials class, specialty classes nor the Monday and Thursday Noodles classes.


Volunteer to help out and receive one adult ticket: